With a short and efficient video, we will show you the ricks related to a wrong calibration of the radars or cameras on a vehicle.

If, on one hand, the recent, massive deployment of vehicles equipped with active safety systems, better known as ADAS, contributes significantly to road safety, on the other it hides potential risks for drivers and the technicians that service these vehicles, whether mechanics, body shop repairers, tyre or glass specialists. In fact, inadequate repair operations may severely compromise the vehicle’s reliability and result in legal consequences for the repairer.

With this new video we want to emphasise the risks deriving from a poor calibration of the ADAS and reiterate that the new RCCS 2, used in combination with TEXA’s IDC5 diagnostic software, represents a complete and modular multi-brand system able to intervene, in an extremely simple and efficient way, on active safety technologies. RCCS guarantees state-of-the-art operations in compliance with the specifications by vehicle manufacturers.


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