AXONE NEMO PLUS is the new tablet developed by TEXA to offer an unparalleled diagnosis experience. Its robustness and reliability ensure superior use and durability compared to a conventional tablet. Due to its unique characteristics, it is the ideal tool to improve operations and expand the possibilities of intervention on various types of vehicles.

AXONE NEMO PLUS is equipped with the Windows 11 operating system for optimized operation. The Intel® N100 processor, 16 GB RAM and 250 GB SSD storage guarantee extraordinary performance and immediate response speed. With the latest generation Wi-Fi, it is possible to connect to the company Internet network to access online content. The Bluetooth® 5.3 module offers flexibility to quickly connect to TEXA vehicle interfaces. Through the integrated camera, it is very easy to capture every single detail of maintenance operations at any time, to create reports to be delivered to customers, or technical photos to be sent quickly to assistance.

AXONE NEMO PLUS is equipped with a large 11.6-inch ultra-wide display, with high contrast and a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. This solution offers a unique and comprehensive perspective on the advanced diagnostic capabilities of the IDC5 software. The large screen ensures optimal viewing of diagrams and technical data, providing complete visual support for diagnosis and repair activities. The responsive touchscreen allows for smooth navigation between applications, making your work even easier. Tailor-made for car repairers, AXONE NEMO PLUS takes the diagnosis and repair experience to the next level, offering clarity, reliability and uncompromising performance.

Magnesium body
The magnesium body, which has always been a feature of NEMO displays, offers sturdiness, lightness, and easy use even in the most difficult working environments. Furthermore, compliance with the military standard MIL-STD 810G (transit drop test) confirms its resistance even in extreme conditions. These characteristics, combined with the careful design of the internal elements, guarantee an optimal level of thermal dissipation and the successful management of complex and prolonged diagnostic sessions.

A handle designed specifically to offer maximum maneuverability
The ergonomic and adjustable handle of AXONE NEMO PLUS simplifies its transport, allowing it to be attached to the steering wheel of the vehicle or placed on irregular surfaces, always guaranteeing excellent visibility of the monitor.


AXONE NEMO LIGHT was specifically designed for the harsh environment of the automotive industry, integrating optimal functionality to meet the specific challenges of the sector. With a compact and reinforced design, this device stands out for its reliability and practicality, ensuring optimal performance in every situation.

Equipped with advanced technology, AXONE NEMO LIGHT ensures high-level performance, essential for continuous use in the workshop.

Its operating system, Windows 11 Enterprise, is powered by an Intel N100 Quad Core processor, and everything is displayed on a bright 10.1-inch display. Furthermore, it has an 8 GB RAM memory, optimal for managing the performance of the computing system, and a 250 GB memory, offering enough space to store data and applications. Connectivity is guaranteed by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.2 modules, with fast and reliable access to networks and tools.

Reinforced structure in a compact shell
AXONE NEMO LIGHT was designed and built to meet all needs in any context of use. Its special latest generation reinforced body makes it suitable for a wide range of interventions, ranging from the automotive workshop to the shipyard, from maintenance activities on off-highway vehicles and heavy vehicles up to two-wheelers. Its compact size ensures practicality and mobility in various work situations or operational contexts. There is no limitation, ensuring versatility and reliability in all circumstances.

Speed, a family matter
AXONE NEMO LIGHT, just like its “big brothers” PLUS and VOICE, has a very powerful operating heart, which allows it to reach calculation speeds 30% higher than the previous generation*.

The diagnostic environments load in an instant and the functions start with a simple touch. Not bad really for the youngest of the family.

The processor, powerful battery and operating system chosen for AXONE NEMO LIGHT work together to ensure




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