The most advanced headlight alignment system on the market

For many years, vehicle headlights were relatively standard components. Recently, however, they have undergone rapid technological change and seen the introduction of halogen bulbs, xenon projectors and LED units. Laser technology is just around the corner.

In their quest to improve safety, vehicle manufacturers are also focusing on the concept of “Intelligent Lighting”, as represented by AFS (Adaptive Front Lighting System) and GFHB (Glare Free High Beam). On top of this, headlights are now frequently connected to other electronic systems, including radarcamera and steering. Garages and PTI centres therefore need a modern headlight alignment system capable of working with the sophisticated technology that will soon appear.

eLight is the most advanced headlight alignment system on the market today, and the first with integrated electronic diagnostics.
eLight’s digital electronics use a built-in camera, a system of algorithms and integrated autodiagnostics to identify the type of headlight and to guarantee maximum precision of alignment. eLight can even produce a detailed report, based on digital analysis, for attachment to the garage worksheet, and is already fully compatible with the legislation governing PTI centres due to be introduced in 2021.

Two versions,
the same excellence

TEXA eLight comes in two versions, ONE and ONED. The differences between them concern the level of integration of the diagnostics, and are explained in the following pages. Both versions feature a casing made from aluminium, a material that combines the characteristics of precision machinability, strength and light weight essential to garage operations.

They both also incorporate a powerful lithium battery that guarantees enough autonomy for the most intensive day’s work. eLight has been carefully designed for superb ergonomics and to make all kinds of headlight alignment procedure quick and easy.

The generous Fresnel lens (340×200 mm) is big enough to cater for the trend towards larger and more irregularly shaped headlights, as seen on the latest models. 

Integrated diagnostics, capable of identifying the type of headlight and calling up the relevant selective activation procedures, allow you to save up to 50% in the time needed to complete alignment procedures compared to conventional alignment systems. Where applicable, the integrated diagnostics also help by switching control units to “setting” mode.

eLight comes with a CMOS camera and laser visor for maximum photometric precisionaccording to the strictest specifications of vehicle manufacturers who can demand, for example, reading accuracy of +/- 0.1% in vertically and +/- 0.2% horizontally.

The system can also be mounted on rails, which are available as an accessory. eLight is made in Italy to TEXA’s acclaimed standards of strength and quality.

An important extra: autodiagnostics

Version ONE of eLight is designed to work with the AXONE Nemo 2 or AXONE 5 diagnostic tool and a TEXA Navigator interface, and adds headlight alignment functionality for garages who already own these tools.

You can use IDC5 software to extend the potential of your eLight and to dialogue with the control units of all the electronic systems connected to the headlights in order to identify errors, read parameters and change settings as necessary.

In practice, eLight’s integrated autodiagnostic functionalities are added to those of your existing TEXA diagnostic tool.

Version ONED differs in having its own display based on a bright 7 inch swivelling TFT touch screen. This version can therefore serve as a stand alone tool, using its own built-in diagnostics. To extend functionality even further, however, ONE-D can also be connected to an existing TEXA diagnostic tool for use as part of an integrated system.

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Prodotto da inserire all’interno del sistema per la misura del fascio luminoso di veicoli eLight. Verificare con il proprio rivenditore TEXA di fiducia le modalità di accesso al Nuovo Piano Industria 4.0

Technical Specifications

52 kg

770 x 730 x 1850 mm

On wheels or on track (optional). Manual alignment through lasers

3-axis accelerometer; ± 1,8°

7” TFT LED LCD 800 x 480

PRINTER (Optional)
Thermal printer; 58 mm; 203 Dpi

Halogen, Xenon, Led, Laser

TYPE OF MEASUREMENT (Reading and diagnosis) 
Low beams, High beams, Fog lights, ILS, DLA, Matrix

5 Mpixel

100-220V AC 50/60Hz 700 mA

8 hours

0,5 Ah

TYPE: Laser
Class: II
Wavelength: 635 nm
Power: ≤ 5,0 mW

Measuring range ± 6% vertical; ± 10% horizontal
Accuracy ± 0.1% vertical; ± 0.2% horizontal

Measuring range 150,000 cd – 240 Lux/25 m
Accuracy ± 5%

CONNECTIVITY LAN, Wi-Fi, RS232, Bluetooth

*Only ONED version





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