The standard recently reached, that TEXA will apply to its own as well as its customer strategic data, attests the capability of protecting information and know-how at the highest levels.

TEXA obtained the prestigious TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) certification, a standard defined by the VDA, the German Association of the Automotive Industry, which guarantees the highest level possible of information and know-how protection against increasingly frequent cyber-attacks. In order to meet the required parameters, TEXA implemented a series of activities aimed at re-enforcing its cyber security measures concerning its physical, logical and organisational protection and introduced new ones that are even more stringent. The work done involved all the company’s departments and will now allow us to offer the highest levels of security of our own and our customer information, such as project data, strategic company decisions, know-how.

The TISAX is only the latest certification obtained by TEXA, that has always been committed to complying with the most important and severe international standards. In fact, it joins the certifications that have already been obtained in the quality field, such as the IATF 16969, specific for sub-tier automotive suppliers; the VDA 6.3, another method by German manufacturers that established itself as an international point of reference; and the ISO/IEC 27001 in the information security field.

“Having achieved this strict certification – commented Bruno Vianello, Chairman of the board of directors of TEXA – makes me extremely proud. In my company I have always tried to place alongside the traditional Italian creativity, a productive and qualitative accuracy at the same level as the most prestigious and serious international institutions. We made large investments in this respect, awarded over the years by the trust of some of the major vehicle manufacturers worldwide that have chosen us as their suppliers.”


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