It is by now well known that vehicle manufacturers have progressively introduced forms of protection against possible external cyber attacks to their vehicles. As a consequence, such blocks caused significant limitations to independent repairers when performing electronic diagnostics. In this context, TEXA is continuing its commitment to allow customers to carry out diagnostic operations also on the vehicles that are equipped with protection systems on their electronic control units. Thanks to the continuous and fruitful cooperation with manufacturers, after FCA, Renault/Dacia and the Volkswagen Group, diagnostic operations can be carried out in an authenticated manner, quickly and easily, also on KIA vehicles starting from the IDC5 CAR 76.2.0 software update just released.

This function is available for all European users who are subscribed to the TEXPACK CAR services and have a personal account in the myTEXA portal. An extremely intuitive guided procedure allows creating a profile and validating the digital identity in just a few minutes. The creation of the account is required only once and grants access to all TEXA services, including the possibility to carry out authenticated diagnoses for the available manufacturers. The IDC5 CAR software will allow managing all the diagnostic operations without limitations, even in case of blocks, and without any additional costs for vehicle repairers.

“TEXA is very active in such a strategic and topical subject as vehicle security – explains Igino De Lotto, Marketing Manager at TEXA. It is essential not to create an imbalance between the reasons of vehicle manufacturers, which need to protect their vehicles against cyber attacks, and having to guarantee the possibility of access for independent operators, who would otherwise have less operational possibilities, which are precious as they are often complementary to the official networks’ offer.

For this we have already reached important agreements, and others will follow, which allow mechanics who own a TEXA diagnostic solution to operate in an authenticated manner, safely and unlimitedly”.


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