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Our TEXAEDU division is devoted entirely to training in automotive technology and offers a complete programme of courses for mechatronic specialists. The TEXAEDU training programme is based on:
· a range of courses dealing with specific environments
· innovative learning tools
· a certified training organisation
· highly qualified trainers

The TEXAEDU training programme is divided into modules so that workshops and garages can choose exactly the right course for their needs. The modules are designed to develop mechanical skills into electronic and mechatronic competence. TEXA has developed a vast range of diagnostic solutions over the years and has a complete understanding of the problems involved in vehicle repair work. This unique experience provides the foundation for TEXAEDU training courses. Classes make full use of diagnostic tools and electronic simulators in practical situations to facilitate quick and effective learning.

In May 2009, the Association of Automotive Professionals and Manufacturers awarded the “Excellence Award” to TEXAEDU for its commitment, dedication and efforts in raising standards in the profession.



TEXA Abilita Clima

The 5th May 2012 saw the introduction in Italy of Presidential Decree 43/2012 enacting European Regulation 842/2006 governing the recovery of certain greenhouse effect fluorinated gases.

This legislation requires garage and workshop personnel responsible for recovering greenhouse effect fluorinated gases from vehicle air conditioning systems to hold a qualification issued by a certified organisation on completion of a specific training course.

TEXA’s training organisation holds the necessary certification to deliver legally conforming courses at training centres throughout Italy, and to issue qualifications specific to Car, Truck, Agri, Bus and Marine environments.