Compact, handy, complete

the entry level you don’t expect

AXONE NEMO MINI is the new entry-level solution developed by TEXA for multi-environment diagnostics.

Compact, handy, complete, it supports every activity at best, both as a main tool and as a solution to be used along with the diagnostic display unit already in use at the workshop. It can be used for maintenance operations on all types of vehicles and will amaze you with its performance levels, comparable to the ones of a premium device.

Windows 10 Enterprise on board

top-of-the-class performance

AXONE NEMO MINI boasts exceptional technological equipment, which guarantees top-notch performance,
essential for continuous workshop use.
Its operating system, Windows 10 Enterprise, is powered by an Intel Celeron N4120 processor.
It also features 8 GB RAM that is perfect to manage the calculating system performance, and 256 GB SSD storage. Connectivity is guaranteed by a Wi-Fi module and a Bluetooth module.

256 GB Storage



Bluetooth 4.2


1920x1080 pixel



Graphics card

Intel® UHD Graphics 600

2 Cameras

Rear: 5 MP AF
Front: 2 MP




Intel® Celeron N4120

Multi-touch capacitive display

diagnostics is even more intuitive

AXONE NEMO MINI is equipped with an 11.6-inch multi-touch capacitive display

which makes it even easier to use and provides an always clear view of all the diagnostic operations to complete, showing at once the most important data to repair customers’ vehicles: Parameters, Errors, ECU Info, Activations, Settings, through
wiring diagrams, diagnostic help sections, DASHBOARDs, control unit scan results, and many more besides.

Complete compatibility

another element in the TEXA universe

AXONE NEMO MINI can be used in combination with the vehicle interfaces Navigator TXTs Navigator NANO S, Navigator TXB Evolution. Based on the workshop’s actual operating needs, it fully covers the 5 diagnostic environments: CAR, TRUCK, OFF-HIGHWAY, BIKE and MARINE.
Not only that, as it is able to work with all the latest-generation TEXA equipment:
RCCS 3 (ADAS calibration), AIR2 SAN (sanitation of vehicles and workplaces), TwinProbe and UNIProbe (electrical measurements), LASER EXAMINER (brake disc and tread wear),
GASBOX and OPABOX (emission analysis), eLight (smart headlight adjustment).
AXONE NEMO MINI can also be enhanced with an extensive offer of dedicated services, such as TEXPACK, TEX@INFO, TEXA SECURITY ACCESS, TEXA APP. This way, it will always be ready to work to its full potential, on the strength of its software updates that TEXA releases periodically and consistently for its customers.

Software IDC5m

many functions at the workshop’s service

Specifically developed for AXONE NEMO MINI, IDC5m is the multi-brand and multi-environment software that simplifies and makes more intuitive all the paths required to complete the various operations relating to vehicle maintenance and repair.

Through all the diagnostic phases, it guides technicians from the error identification to its solution.
IDC5m is extremely quick and guarantees instant access to communication with the control units.
A further step forward, to help repair technicians in the challenges of their daily work.

IDC5m provides additional functions and contents that further extend the potentiality of AXONE NEMO MINI, making it an always reliable work companion, able to solve numerous problems, for the utmost customer satisfaction.
Among these:


Automatic scan of the electronic control units on board the vehicle

Rec & Play

Recording of parameters and errors during a test drive

Freeze Frame

Display of parameters and data at the moment when a failure occurred


Direct access to the manufacturer diagnostic data

Error Help

Useful to understand the meaning of the error message

Technical Data Sheets

Complete information dedicated to the specific vehicle selected

Technical Data

Mechanical Data, Wheel Alignment, Tyre Pressure...

Interactive Wiring Diagrams

Interactive display of the wiring diagram

A world of perfectly integrated technical and diagnostic contents

Developed by HaynesPro, the technical and diagnostic contents are perfectly integrated in the IDC5 software and can be reached from “Technical Data and Checks” in the main menu, from the TGS3s vehicle scan if any DTCs are present, or from the diagnostic system via a direct link.

Tech module*

It includes technical and maintenance data, repair manuals, technical illustrations and drawings,
repair times, estimator and recalls.

Electronics module**

It provides a guided troubleshooting procedure by identifying, locating and solving the errors in the electrical system and components. It also allows viewing complete wiring diagrams, a clear location and identification of fuses, relays and electrical components, as well as accessing practical electronic procedures.

Smart module**

It contains many solved problems and OEM technical service bulletins sorted by symptom,
cause and solution.

* Available for TEXPACK CAR contract subscribers with Plus or Premium license.
** Reserved for customers with active TEXPACK CAR.

Customer Service

Team and technology at your service

Exclusive services that allow you to make the most of its potentiality and receive continuous support by the TEXA Call Center’s team* of specialists.
This way your workshop can always keep up with the latest automotive technologies.
An extra ally for the daily work of vehicle repairers.

* Verify the availability of SERVICER in your own country.




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